Books: Public Safety/Military

I got to know James Meuer (and his service dog!) during California’s major wildfires in 2015. He’s written one of the best memoirs about the stresses and healing from working as a paramedic.

Like other books written for public safety, there’s plenty in here for people in other lines of work, too.

Dr. Kevin Gilmartin is a former police officer, now a psychologist. This little book is a terrific overview that describes how the very best cops are most at risk – and simple ways, not just to survive, but to thrive. Although focused on law enforcement, Gilmartin’s advice applies to anyone whose work threatens to take over their life. I’ve also attended Gilmartin’s seminar (in which he pokes fun at firefighters way too much).

Mitchell and Everly, who have both been among my instructors, are the pioneers of Critical Incident Stress Management.