“I had the pleasure to meet, and the honor to work with, Nick in 2015 while we were providing emotional support to firefighters, their families, and the public during a devastating wildfire in California. Nick has a very supportive demeanor and is an empathic listener. He is able to connect with people in crisis very effectively and his approach puts them at ease. He is very insightful and has a willingness to explore new thoughts and ideas regarding managing stress in this experience we call life.”

Robert Ellis, 36 year Fire Service member

“Nick has been a tireless supporter of both responders and citizens on the front lines in the midst of crisis. His ability to mediate crisis, understand the different roles of public safety personnel and be a bridge of support for both responders and citizens is commendable. Nick is compassionate, non-judgmental, and has the ability to create a safe and neutral container for his students, clients and groups. He has the ability to blend practical tools with sensitivity to empower individuals and groups to survive and thrive.”

Janet Childs, Director of the Bay Area CISM Team

“Nick has demonstrated the patience and wisdom necessary to build trust with police, fire, medics, dispatchers, park rangers, animal control officers, community leaders and many others who often are hesitant to open up with an “outsider.” Nick has been a mentor, constantly encouraging me in my pursuit that law enforcement and the community we serve are responsive to the needs created by high-stress jobs and incidents.”

30-Year Law Enforcement Officer, Peer Support Team Member

“In the aftermath of a recent teen suicide at my high school campus, Nick’s calm, focused and empathic demeanor with grieving students and staff was highly coveted.  He co-facilitated a session with a student who was quite close to the deceased student and I was highly impressed with the way he engaged her in processing her own feelings and thoughts regarding her life and not just focusing on the student who had passed away.  His presence was soothing and supportive and the student later reported that her session with him was life changing.”

Leah Cohen, MSW, PPSC, School Social Worker

“Nick brings many gifts to the table as a fire chaplain. He is empathetic and compassionate to all people but he is especially sensitive to those who are struggling with difficult circumstances. Nick’s listening skills are extraordinary and he is able to pick up on small details as well as larger narratives that allow him to be an effective facilitator in crisis situations. Nick is a strong but collaborative leader who is able to adjust to changing circumstances. Nick’s strong skill set in crisis ministry makes him an asset to any organization. Most of all, Nick cares about people.”

Ben Bergren, Lead Pastor, Bethel Lutheran Church