Books: Stress and Resilience

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Terrific resource that will change your mind about whether or not stress has to be bad for you (hint – it doesn’t). Solidly referenced, well presented. Transformative!

I love this book! This is the best guide I have found to the intersection of the new science of stress and the teachings of spiritual traditions. This is as close as I have found to the book I’m working on – and it has set the bar higher for my own work.

Fantastic overview of how trauma changes us psychologically and physiologically.

Similar in theme to the title above, more insight into the connection between psychology and physiology.

Success doesn’t make you happy; happiness makes you successful.

Although this book isn’t explicitly about stress and resilience, its advice about how to have deeply honest conversations is solidly on topic.

Self-help for those impacted by trauma.

Is somebody renting a lot of space in your head? Are you in pain over something that should not have happened, but did? Or something that should have happened but didn’t? Read this book.