Resilience During the Pandemic


When a coach or physical therapist urges you to work hard, that’s because physical stress can become strength.

When Brené Brown calls you to vulnerability, that’s because social stress can become strength.

When the Bible or other holy writing says “adversity builds character,” that’s because spiritual stress can become strength.

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Dr. David Black, CEO and Chief Psychologist of Cordico:

“An exceptional job sharing a lifetime of wisdom at a time when his insights are needed more than ever. Nick has a special ability to teach some of the deepest, most important topics about what it means to be a healthy person in today’s world, and he does so with insight, strength, and compassion.”

Amazon readers:

  • I’ll be reading this again, to pick up on things I missed the first time, and probably coming back to it again and again for refreshers.
  • Hits the nail whether you are dealing with stress from the current Pandemic or something else!
  • After I read this book, I slept better than I had in weeks.
  • A must have resource for all of us dealing with the sudden change in our lives.