New: Resilience During the Pandemic


I released Resilience During the Pandemic for Kindle and paperback a few days ago and the reviews are great. I was able to produce it fast because I’m under contract to write a bigger, related book, Stress Into Strength (HarperCollins Leadership, 2021).  The reviewers are describing it better than I could!

Insightful and Practical: A no-nonsense guide to managing stress, with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. This short book explains how to avoid engaging your “stress autopilot” when it isn’t appropriate, how to disengage it when it isn’t helping, and how to turn your stress experiences into strengths. It gives ways to develop and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual strength. It has solid advice on working your way out of grievances (“Somebody done me wrong!'” and dealing with grief, both your own grief and that of others. (Walter R. Underwood)

Knowledge is Power: This book hits the nail whether you are dealing with stress from the current Pandemic or something else! In a short and concise way, it explains how stress is bad, but can be used for good and can strengthen you. How different people react to stress and how to help. It gives you insight into some of the strange reactions like toilet paper hoarding.
Like the saying “Knowledge is Power.” this book hits the spot!” (Deena S.)

Tremendous Job: A sincere hats off to him for the remarkable achievement of this inspirational and comprehensive (surprisingly the latter, given the low word count) advice guide. Arnett is the kind of person you want with you in a nuclear bunker; he has a positive spin and well-being solution for every aspect of this horrific situation we suddenly find ourselves in. (Matt McAvoy)